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As any schoolboy can tell you (well, they used to – I doubt that they can now) the word ‘avocado’ means ‘testicle’, for reasons that are pretty self-explanatory. But avocados are also full of all kinds of goodness. Vitamins, minerals, monounsaturated fat … its all good.

Its also considered a “ghost of evolution” … it evolved in the wild to be digested by the megafauna of South America (wild avocados have far less flesh surrounding the large pit or stone), with the seed remaining untroubled by its travels through the friendly gut until it was defecated out somewhere far away (well, hopefully) from the parent tree. 13,000 years after the extinction of the megafauna its still going in the wild …

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Personally, I like them just fine in guacamole. Which is the reason I purchased 2 Hass avocados a few weeks ago … and never made it. Suspecting they would soon turn into black-spotted barrels of slime, and not really in the mood for dip, I searched for an alternative. Most of which seem to be just adding avocado to something else … salad (with avocado), omelette (with avocado), grilled chicken (with avocado) … I wanted something where avocado was a central part and not treated like a by-product.

And so I stumbled across this recipe (coincidentally the same lady who started Foodie Penpals …) for Peanut Butter Avocado Cookies. I know. I thought the same thing. This is not a combination that instantly screamed “We have a winner!” but I was intrigued. And we should strive to try new things in our lives. Even if we don’t overly like peanut butter (that said, I made these little munchkins last year and they were scoffed quicker than I should have – and will be made again).

The recipe calls for either agave nectar or honey as a sweetener. Although I could’ve bought agave nectar (something my local supermarket does sell – although non-sweetened dried cherries and frozen baby onions seem to be a bit beyond its remit), I already had a jar of honey open. The only extra purchases were the peanut butter (smooth) and chocolate chips (dark).

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The recipe also says ‘half a cup’ of mashed avocado. My avocados were quite hefty so this equated to half an avocado. Bear this in mind. Three quarters of a cup of oats is approximately 85g (I know this because I weighed them – just for you). Two thirds of a cup of peanut butter is around 6 tablespoons. Or just over half a 340g jar.

Its so simple to make – mix wet ingredients together and add the dry ones. Its also flourless, if you’re that way inclined. No butter. No added fat of any sort – only what’s already in the avocado and peanut butter.

The recipe states 15-18 cookies – and I managed 13 from the batter. Possibly my blobs were too generous! They also don’t spread during baking, so make sure that you flatten the blobs (technical term …) – I know the recipe does say “flatten slightly” but were I to make these again then I’d flatten them more.

2013-12-07 12.25.46


And the result, after the not-quite-15-minutes cooking time? No, you can’t taste the avocado, but the peanut taste is quite overwhelming. I’d go far as to say either dial back the peanut butter or increase the amount of honey. But that’s my own personal taste. If you like that peanut tang then these are bang on. Definitely moist.

I also kept them on the baking tray for 5-10 minutes after baking before transferring to the cooling rack.

Will I ever make them again? Possibly. I also wonder if they’d work as some kind of bar/traybake if you upped the amount of oats …