Now, this is a food blog. So I wanted to share the story of the most incredible selection of ‘party food’ I’ve ever had. The sausage palmiers were fantastic – and the smoked chicken was beautifully moist and delicately flavoured.
A fantastic evening!

Fudge & Poppy

As previously alluded to, we had my best friend Dom and his husband Peter over for some pre-Christmas nibbles and drinks on Friday. We had also invited my lovely friend Chloe but unfortunately in some freak Ikea Circus Tent Pole accident, she had done her back in and couldn’t make it!

I spent the Thursday and most of Friday preparing various different things for it. A lot of them were new to me so I wasn’t entirely confident that a. I wouldn’t totally balls them up and b. that they would taste nice.

I didn’t sadly take photos of everything we made but I did take a few.

I had scoured through various recipe books and looked online for some interesting ideas and things that would be fairly simple to prepare but be a little different. One thing I’d had in my mind for a while was something I had…

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