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I really enjoyed my first month as part of the Foodie Penpal programme!


My buyee was Consuelo at the beautiful blog Honey & Figs. An amazing blog and a wonderful person to correspond with! I could have happily bought and bought and bought items that I thought she might like, but had to rein myself in to the £10 budget! (Plus – posting to Spain meant nothing fragile that could explode in the post!) I also wanted to get some fantastic local items that would really show off where I’m from … and I now plan to try harder next month as there seemed to be a dearth of fantastic local produce that is easily transportable! (I figured that she didn’t want some Wiltshire cured ham or a Wiltshire pasty …)

But there are some local food festivals dotted throughout the year, so I’ll be keeping my eyes open!

Luckily her parcel arrived in time and she enjoyed the (rather random, admittedly) selection of items!

My buyer, Julie from Joolsy67, was hit by the post-Christmas bug that seemed to make people drop like flies (all 4 of my god-daughter’s family were struck with it also) so my parcel didn’t arrive in time for the initial reveal day … but that didn’t matter!

The selection I have is great! I’m not sure where to start first …

I mentioned in my emails to Julie that I like trying new ingredients and new recipes – and she didn’t disappoint. A packet of fenugreek leaves – not something I’ve cooked with before – and luckily Julie also included a recipe for Aloo Methi. Curry is actually on the list for this week, so hopefully this will make a wonderful accompaniment!

2014-02-03 13.54.16

Next up is some salad dressing – made locally to Julie. As its summer garden herb perhaps it’ll remind me, amongst all the wind and rain, that winter will end one day! Plus its made with rapeseed oil, so healthier than normal dressing!

2014-02-03 13.53.22

Then there’s the Amaretti … Very tempted to use them in something special I may or may not be making next Friday … !

2014-02-03 13.52.44

And then came the chocolate. Although I did tell Julie that I have a massive sweet tooth and love chocolate, I didn’t say that my all time favourite pairing is chocolate with sea salt – so absolutely spot on with the flavouring of this bar! (I’m surprised its lasted this long, to be honest …) Plus – edible lustre. Again – I am already thinking of something special that I can use with this!!

2014-02-03 13.53.52Last but not in any way least, Julie included a jar of lemon curd. Her own. Home. Made. Lemon. Curd. I love you, Julie. (And you’re right – curd should never be a low calorie choice!!)

2014-02-03 13.55.13I’d like to thank both Julie and Consuelo for making my first Foodie Penpal month a success!

Sorry for the shameless plugs

Sorry for the shameless plugs