What a lovely month its been.

I can only hope that March brings something different than the near-endless rain and wind!


This month I was partnered with two people who don’t have blogs of their own for me to link you to. My buyee (i.e. the person buying for me!) was Silvija from Lithuania. Now, I’m going to come clean. What I know about Lithuania can be written on a very small piece of paper: it used to be a Kingdom and, at one stage, the Grand Duchy of Lithuania was the largest country in Europe. Like I said, very small paper.

One thing that I did not tell Silvija was that one of my favourite (I have a lot) savoury flavours is that of caraway. Luckily I received two items that contained this wonderful herb spice: cheese and some yeasted rye-bread – both delicious!

There was also some wonderfully refreshing mint and citrus tea:

2014-02-22 10.02.28

and poppyseed biscuits:

2014-02-22 10.01.27


The last savoury item was some additional cheese which looks great:

2014-02-22 10.05.06


And then there was the sweet stuff: lemon and chocolate well-represented …

… and also some condensed (I think) milk. Not a weird addition as I will be using it to make some caramel (mmm – Millionaire’s shortbread …).

2014-02-22 10.03.29Thank you very much! 😀