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We all know that I’m a Francophile. That is not news. When I learnt that this month one of my FPP partners was French, my heart soared. Anne runs the amazing Les Recettes du Panier blog and is from the beautiful Alsace region of France, the home of flammekeuche, choucroute and pain d’epices. Interestingly, the first mention of an Easter bunny also hails from the region. (I assume that this means first mentioned in print outside of the area where it was no doubt mentioned for a long, long time.)


I’ve never been to Alsace  – I lived over on the other side of the country, over 800kms away – but its long been on my travel list.

I received a wonderful mix of the sweet and the savoury, the familiar and the new.

First up: the savouries. Pretzel sticks (easy snacking!), onion soup mix (I once made French onion soup at school – love it) and a sweet horseradish paste that can be used on crackers or with dips.

The sweet side of things consists of some awesome strawberry sweets (which are long gone now!), sea-salt Lindt chocolate, and a raspberry macaron mix (at some point there will be a photo of said macarons here!). There was also a tube of condensed milk (I think that pretty much describes it). Oddly, the second month in a row where I’ve received that – so definitely time to make some caramel!!

Thank you, Anne, for a wonderfully thought out parcel and a beautiful card to go with it!