Likes & Dislikes …

I feel that I should maybe do a quick (or not so quick, I haven’t decided) précis of what I like and don’t like, and of what you can and can’t expect of this blog and my food-related witterings.

I love food in all (well, nearly all) of its forms. I’m also a big believer in growing your own and knowing where your food comes from. I can’t say that I always live by those standards, but I am aware and where I can, I do. However, I’m not a food snob. I don’t search out esoteric ingredients, or bankrupt myself out of epicurean purity. Sure, there are recipes that I’d love to cook but haven’t due to the financial outlay (a good example of this is bouillabaisse – made even more surprising by my carte blanche dislike of anything sea-related), but I don’t think that good food need cost a whole lot of money. I don’t need fancy food. It may have its place, but for every day its just not feasible, or even welcome, most of the time.

So what foods don’t I like? There are some ingredients that you will never ever see here on KoA, and some that you will see on the rarest of occasions.

  • Nuts. Walnuts & brazil nuts are a big no-no. Almonds, yes. Anything with ground almonds (i.e. bakewell tart) or marzipan (inc. frangipane) is banned. Sorry.
  • Bananas. As a child I used to love nothing more than chowing down on a banana and Hula Hoop sandwich (okay, there were things I’d rather do, or even eat, but you get what I mean). Somehow between the ages of 8 and 15 my love turned into a bitter distaste. So much so that I can’t even smell a banana without my stomach roiling a little.
  • Mushrooms. These are on my list of things to convince myself to eat, so they may make an appearance in dishes where I can’t really tell they’re there. I don’t think they’re ever going to be my favourite.
  • Seafood. Again, I used to eat fish a lot as a child. I’ve eaten moules et frites on the quay at La Rochelle. Nowadays? Nope. I have eaten tuna steaks. I have eaten shark and swordfish (swordfish curry … awesome – must try and find a recipe …). This is also on my list of things to learn to eat, but currently unlikely to see that many fish-based recipes!
  • Innards. No hearts, kidneys, tripe or livers for me. Don’t get me started on brawn. This does generally include pate of all descriptions.

Food I love.

  • Cheese. A day without cheese is like a day without sunshine. As long as its not goat’s cheese. Or feta. Or anything blue and/or stinky.
  • Meat. Solid carnivore. Poultry, game, beef, pork, lamb … its all good.
  • Desserts. Yep. I have a sweet tooth, and like to round out a meal with something sweet, whether its fruity, chocolatey, hot or cold. If it comes with custard then so much the better.
  • Patisserie. I use this to mean cakes, biscuits, muffins, the whole shebang.

Culture-wise, it ranges widely and without apology. There are some cultures (those of Asia and South America) that are vastly under-represented in my repertoire, so a certain amount of exploration should be expected! I do love Chinese food. And I’m not talking about the purple/orange rubbish from Wong’s House down the road. Much like Indian food, its always better to prepare it yourself.

Perhaps a little too whistle-stop to do me justice. But I expect this page to change as this blog expands!

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