Cookbooks Chez Maman

Specialist Books

  • Preserving
  • The Book of Preserves
  • The Complete Book of Preserving
  • Cakes, Pastries & Breads
  • Chocolate Box
  • Everyday Diabetic Cookbook
  • Hairy Bikers’ Perfect Pies
  • Halogen Oven Secret
  • Baking For The Freezer
  • Cook On The Wild Side
  • The Game Cook
  • Veg Every Day
  • Cake Making With Magimix

World Cuisine

  • Complete Indian
  • The Complete Book of Chinese Cooking
  • La Cuisine: Complete Book of French Cooking
  • Secrets of French Home Cooking
  • Little Taste of France
  • French Farmhouse Kitchen
  • River Cafe Italian Kitchen

British Cooking

  • The Dairy Book of British Food
  • Rhodes Around Britain
  • Open Rhodes Around Britain

Seasonal Cooking

  • Penny Bazaar Traditional Christmas Cooking
  • Ultimate Christmas
  • Waitrose Christmas Harvest 2012
  • Delia Smith’s Christmas
  • Delia Smith’s Winter Collection
  • Delia Smith’s Summer Collection
  • Waitrose Winter Cookbook 2010
  • Waitrose Spring Cookbook 2010

General Cookbooks

  • Dairy Book Of Family Cooking
  • Dairy Book Of Home Cookery
  • Dairy Book Of Home Cookery (“updated for the 1990s”)
  • Pears Family Cookbook
  • Gardener Cook
  • How To Cook Book Two
  • River Cottage Cookbook
  • The Naked Chef
  • Happy Days With The Naked Chef
  • What Every Cook Should Know


  • Tesco Cookery Collection: Fish & Shellfish; Puddings
  • Marks & Spencer Recipes For Success: For Goodness Sake!; Best Of British!; That’s Entertainment!
  • The Hawthorn Series: Scones, Muffins & Teacakes; Best Ever Chocolate Cakes & Slices; Exciting New Ways With Vegetables; Favourite Herbs
  • St Michael Kitchen Library: Fish; Baking; Christmas; Summer
  • Marks & Spencer: Tapas; Tarts; Stews; Potatoes; Risotto; Pasta Sauces; Finger Foods; Fresh Fish & Shellfish

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