Foodie Penpals


Started in late 2011, Foodie Penpals is a fantastic way to bring the blogging community (both readers and bloggers) together over a shared passion: food.

Its very easy nowadays to feel detached from ‘real life’. Its all brusque emails and instant gratification. FPP is a great way to foster that feeling of connection and … desire, I suppose.

So what’s it all about? Its simple: every month you get paired with two people – one you send a little ‘care package’ to, filled with tasty bits and pieces, and one you receive a parcel from, hopefully also filled with tasty bits and pieces. Simple!

There are two ‘versions’ – one in the USA and one in Europe.

To find out more details (and/or you live in the USA), go here.

If you live in Europe (which includes the UK, thank you very much), go here.


5 thoughts on “Foodie Penpals”

  1. Too bad there isn’t one for Canadians.


    • I thought that the US lady also did sort out one that included Canada – but that it wasn’t possible to do a cross-border US/Canada one. Shame if it isn’t happening any longer.


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